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Bücher im Verlag LSH und tredition.de sowie Empfehlungen

5. September 2019

Soeben ist das bekannte Buch "Der Been im Siebenstern" in engliscer Sprache als
  „The Been in Sevenstar“ erschienen.
Seven colonies of honeybees, set up on the startips of a Sevenstar, ereate powerful vlvld energies.
The Templars brought baek the saered Geometry of the Sevenstar from Jerusalem during the cusades in 1114 A.D. Today we have about 500 honeybee-sevenstars standing and collecting cosmic energies in Germany.
Especially "Mother Earth" and all vivid beings inside the effective circle of such a sevenstar profit from that technique. And the Varroa-miteburden on the bees is reduced severely.
Verlag: tredition GmbH Halenreie 40 22359 Hamburg Germany                                           www: tredition.de  ISBN 987-3-7482-8958-6 Paperback
                        987-3-7482-8959-3 Hardcover
                        987-3-7482-8960-9 e-book